Successful product launches through Contract Manufacturing Baymar has an FDA registered facility that is ISO 13485 certified. We are consistently driving towards further in-house integration to improve quality and reduce delivery times and cost through our entire supply chain. From low volume, complex instrumentation or subassemblies, to high volume consumable manufacturing, we can support your needs across a wide variety of products. Ask how we can help

Baymar is consistently driving towards further vertical integration to improve quality, reduce delivery times and reduce cost through our entire bill of materials.  We are always looking for ways to achieve this with every new program we launch.  Our current capabilities shown below are always growing and with our talent pipeline, we can always get the experts we need to expand our capabilities.  Our fabrication team operates under the same ISO 13485 certified quality system as our production team and the quality shows.  

  • CNC Machining
  • TIG Welding
  • Surface Grinding

Baymar’s team of engineers is highly effective at lean production layout, assembly and test documentation, and implementation of quality at the source, even on highly complex products. We leverage our experience in the medical device industry to continually integrate best practices across a highly regulated industry.

As part of Baymar’s total solution offering, we are able to provide our customers a turn-key approach to contract manufacturing, from purchasing your entire bill of materials to final system-level testing, allowing shipment directly to your end customers. With Baymar’s ability to front inventory procurement costs, there’s no need to tie up capital in raw material inventory or finished goods. Additionally, our in-house machining capability considerably reduces third-party lead times while providing exceptional quality control of the individual components.

Complementing our expertise in complex medical device assembly, we also operate in an ISO 7 (Class 10,000) clean room building and kitting medical device consumables.  

Baymar is an engineering firm with extensive production experience and that talent is evident in the products we produce for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how our capabilities can best bring value to you and your customers.

Inspection & Test

Baymar has a dedicated inspection lab to ensure the highest quality of parts coming from outside as well as parts and assemblies we produce.  Our lab is constantly growing and adding new equipment to make our inspections more efficient while maintaining exceptional accuracy.  

Our inspection lab is also used for contract inspection.  Many of our customers see a large influx of components requiring first article inspection during development and design transfer of new products.  This is where our contract inspection services can help alleviate that burden from your team.  Our equipment and tools are all calibrated to NIST standards and as with all of our services, they operate under our ISO 13485 certified quality system.  

We also perform final tests of the products we produce, allowing us to ship directly to your finished goods.  Our tests are developed hand-in-hand with your development team and we always perform test method validation to ensure the test is sufficient. 

Pilot Plant

Most contract manufacturers want your product finalized and production-ready before they will even start to look at it.  Here at Baymar, we understand the needs of medical device companies that are moving fast and need support all the way through the development cycle.  So Baymar offers a pilot plant service, which means we can build your pre-production products as well.  We will integrate with your development team to work off rapidly changing bills of materials, constantly changing components, and last minute drawings to get your prototype, alpha, or beta builds complete.  We focus on documentation to chart a history of what was built and how it can be applied to the next iteration.  We also provide valuable feedback to the development team around cost savings and design for manufacturability so your final product is optimized for growth.  Reach out today to discuss your needs and the value we can add to your project.