Design for Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing is one of our specialty services. We go above-and-beyond to reduce obsolescence in your new product.


The Baymar Operations team is passionate about quality and efficiency. We consistently strive to further in-house integration to improve quality and reduce delivery times and costs throughout the entire supply chain. From low volume, sophisticated medical devices to high volume, controlled environment filling operations, we can support the manufacturing design of a wide variety of products. Read on to learn about how we also assemble and test our products.

Baymar’s team of engineers are highly effective at lean production layout, assembly, and test documentation, and implementation of quality at the Source, even on highly complex products. We continually leverage our experience in the medical device, biotech, and commercial sectors to integrate best practices across various regulated industries.

As part of Baymar’s total solution offering, we provide our customers with a turn-key approach to contract manufacturing. This process includes purchasing your entire bill of materials to final system-level testing, allowing shipment directly to your end customers. With Baymar’s ability to front inventory procurement costs, there’s no need to tie up capital in raw material inventory or finished goods.

Along with our expertise in complex medical device assembly, we also operate in an ISO 7 cleanroom, building sensitive assemblies such as LCDs and touchscreen integration.

Not every engineering team is qualified or has the experience to identify product issues or understand when additional testing is needed during the initial design phases. Having the experience and know-how of our full team of engineers and scientists can give you a better perspective and help eliminate issues that could be costly down the road. Wouldn’t you like to bring your new product to the market with the most seamless experience possible?

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