Design Transfer

Design Transfer is one of our specialty services. It requires a successful pre-launch transition from Development to Operations. Baymar’s team of experienced engineers and technicians understand the level of effort needed to prepare for a new product launch.

Our expert crew of process-minded engineers has developed model-based assembly instructions in Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, and Composer. Baymar’s tools provide our customers with the support needed to prepare their Production Team for their next big launch.


Model-based work instructions

Model-based work instructions generate detailed documentation before parts arrive in-house. This process improves the build and process quality of preliminary builds and reduces the time to market on complex devices.

In addition to producing quality documentation, the Baymar team also understands the importance of value-add assembly and test fixtures to improve build quality and reduce cycle time. Our engineers and technicians can optimize the assembly workflow with in-process testing that can identify components or system issues early. By doing this, we avoid expensive and time-consuming rework or scrap.

Validation protocols and reports

Depending on the need, we design the process and required systems to perform these tests as well as create and execute the process validation protocols and reports necessary to qualify it.

Further supporting process improvements, our team of technical writers and documentation specialists can tackle more than just assembly instructions and validation work. They also have experience writing service documentation with the ability to use the same tools to generate detailed and clear service instructions. For those particularly critical or delicate service procedures, our team has filmed and edited technical service videos. These videos provide commercial support teams an additional level of clarity to the process.

Don’t risk bringing a new product to market without the support and expertise of our team. We will ensure that the design transfer is done on time and to your specifications each and every time. Save time, money, and eliminate risk when you hire Team Baymar.

Become the engineering team that is able to not only complete the project but also bring value and a cost-effective new product to market.

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