Successful product launches through Engineering Services Cost of quality, obsolescence, reliability, and customer satisfaction improvement efforts are pivotal to a product’s long-term success in the market. Ask how we can help
Sustaining Engineering – Establishing Root Cause

The BAYMAR team brings years of experience in effectively identifying the true root cause before developing and implementing a solution.

The fundamental first step to executing a successful on-market improvement project is to properly isolate the root cause of the issue. From there, our team intelligently transitions into crafting the right solution. Whether the root cause requires a component/assembly design change, defining and implementing an in-process inspection or test, or simply engaging with suppliers to improve their process or understanding of the critical relationship(s), BAYMAR team members are experts in supporting the entire effort with the necessary verification and validation, risk assessment, and change order documentation.

Cost Reduction

For BAYMAR customers with cost reduction needs, our creative engineering team is prepared to tackle the most challenging cost reduction goals, identifying opportunities to lower a product’s standard cost by utilizing methods such as component/assembly redesign and/or reducing labor cost through process optimization.


With numerous methods to reduce standard cost, our design team has successfully executed projects such as machined-to-injection-molded conversion, part consolidation, and analysis-driven relaxation of unnecessarily tight dimensional tolerances. With a target goal of a simple payback period of six months or less, our focused team is capable of implementing a complete cost reduction project faster than most internal teams struggling with conflicting priorities.